Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Living to Love

 Hi beautiful people! 😊 Isn't it crazy March is here already?! I think the weather forgot though😄 However, I have to admit that the snow is pretty!
 I went to Myrtle Beach the middle of February for a Youth Training Week... It was really amazing, and I learned so much and found so much freedom! I could probably do many, many posts about the week and the different things I learned... But there's something specific on my mind right now...

How do I know the purpose for my life?

 I think this is the biggest question in many people's hearts. Why was I created? What is my calling? What am I supposed to do with my life? We all want purpose. A reason to live. But so many times, we really have no idea what that is or what our calling looks like.
 But it's also a struggle for many people to really, truly want to know their calling. Cause it might not line up with what I want. It might be something I hate doing. It might make my life miserable.
 Something I learned at Myrtle Beach is that my calling is not something that is going to make my life a drudge. God created my and my calling to be in tune with each other. He created me to love what I was made for and am called to do. He formed me and gave me the pieces of life to love what i'm called to. Every part of me knows what I love and what I was created for. But often our mind forgets. It gets covered up with so many other things, such as pain, lies, and agreements with the enemy. When I start lining up with God and Truth, and breaking off agreements with the enemy, and when I listen to my body talk and to the core of who I am, then I can find out who God created me to be and what I am called to. Stepping into alignment with that, and into my 'groove' makes me come fully alive!
 So my challenge to you is start listening to what the core of your heart loves and is passionate about. Push past the lies and fears that keep you from being you, and start discovering what you really love. Realizing what you love and what you were created for can change your life!!!

Much love to you!♡

"The answer to every question is found in worship before the Throne"


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