Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Living to Love

 Hi beautiful people! ๐Ÿ˜Š Isn't it crazy March is here already?! I think the weather forgot though๐Ÿ˜„ However, I have to admit that the snow is pretty!
 I went to Myrtle Beach the middle of February for a Youth Training Week... It was really amazing, and I learned so much and found so much freedom! I could probably do many, many posts about the week and the different things I learned... But there's something specific on my mind right now...

How do I know the purpose for my life?

 I think this is the biggest question in many people's hearts. Why was I created? What is my calling? What am I supposed to do with my life? We all want purpose. A reason to live. But so many times, we really have no idea what that is or what our calling looks like.
 But it's also a struggle for many people to really, truly want to know their calling. Cause it might not line up with what I want. It might be something I hate doing. It might make my life miserable.
 Something I learned at Myrtle Beach is that my calling is not something that is going to make my life a drudge. God created my and my calling to be in tune with each other. He created me to love what I was made for and am called to do. He formed me and gave me the pieces of life to love what i'm called to. Every part of me knows what I love and what I was created for. But often our mind forgets. It gets covered up with so many other things, such as pain, lies, and agreements with the enemy. When I start lining up with God and Truth, and breaking off agreements with the enemy, and when I listen to my body talk and to the core of who I am, then I can find out who God created me to be and what I am called to. Stepping into alignment with that, and into my 'groove' makes me come fully alive!
 So my challenge to you is start listening to what the core of your heart loves and is passionate about. Push past the lies and fears that keep you from being you, and start discovering what you really love. Realizing what you love and what you were created for can change your life!!!

Much love to you!♡

"The answer to every question is found in worship before the Throne"

Saturday, January 28, 2017


 So there's this person.... she's is taller than me, has blonde hair and blue eyes, and in some ways is as opposite from me as possible! :) I love a certain clothes combination, and she says 'I would NEVER wear that!... But you can, i'm sure it would look nice on you.' Or there's a style of shoes that I loooove, and she gives me this 'what are you thinking?!?!' look.  Almost inevitably, the times where i dress up, she's dressed very casually. But when i am dressed casually, she is alll dressed up! :) And her personality and temperament, and likes and dislikes, are sooo different than mine!
 But that doesn't change the fact that we have the craziest times together!!!๐Ÿ˜„ We have often said that if people would see us when it was just the two of us, they could about promise that they don't know us! When it's only us two, we can go wild๐Ÿ˜„ we laugh till we are gasping for breath, at things that really aren't funny. We can know what the other is gonna say, 3 words into their sentence. And we act so ridiculous that if someone would catch us in the middle of it, our 'public self' would be forever ruined๐Ÿ˜
 Because we are so different in so many ways, we actually make a very good team. Usually๐Ÿ˜›. We even each other out. We both see things a little differently than the other, which works together to make a bigger picture. I do the things she doesn't like, or isn't as good at, and she has my back on the things i'm not good at.
 And she is soo gifted and talented in so many ways... She has a very strong personality and will, and when she sets her mind on something, there's not much that can change that. She can jump into something and get it done. She has a touch with children, that makes them all looove her. And she has a beautiful voice! She is very passionate about the hurting, and has a very compassionate heart.
 Yeah, we are very different, and no, we don't have the perfect relationship. We can drive each other nuts, annoy the daylights out of each other, and get mad at each other. But that's a part of every relationship. Our hearts beat for the same things. Our souls connect on the same level. I looove her, and am super blessed to have her for a sister!!!๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

This is for you, beautiful๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’—

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Inspire 2017

This weekend 10 ladies and girls from our church left around 4:45 Friday morning for Shipshewana, Indiana for the Inspire 2017 ladies conference. We only had a 5'ish hour dive, and the conference didn't start till 3, so we did some shopping at the Davis Mercantile and ate lunch, before heading to our hostess to get cleaned up...

We were soo excited that it worked out to meet up with Rosa and Keila! :) 

The Davis Mercantile is such a cool store!!! So many little shops with 
so many adorable things all inside the same building :)

Checkersssss!!! :) i love wooden checker boards!

Jus Cuz ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ˜„

The conference was from 3 o'clock Friday afternoon till 3 Saturday afternoon... It was really amazing! I got a lot of amazing things from it, so much that im still in the middle of processing it all:) And it was beautifully decorated!!! I absolutely loved it. I definitely want to go back sometime...

There was about 700 ladies
**Fun fact: They had a coffee/tea table all weekend, and they used 90 
gallons of milk for the coffee, and 75 gallons of tea๐Ÿ˜„**

Grace*ful led the worship and did some singing.... they were amazing!!

They had an adorable little photo booth :)

On the way home we stopped at a rest area. About an hour after we were back on the road, one of the ladies realized she couldn't find her phone... She had left it at the rest area, so around we turned :) We lost about 2 hours, but hey, we got the phone:) Finally got home a little after 12 Sunday morning... But it was a really good trip! A lot of fun... I wanna say something about things i learned, but i need to process, and i think it would do better in another post:)

**There is something miraculous about kindness**

Thursday, January 5, 2017

On Relationships...

I'm dating. In case you didn't know that :) So the subject of relationships has been on my mind a lot recently. Not only the dating kind, but also relationships with family and friends. I've been realizing more and more how important they are. And how difficult they can be. And how rewarding they are.
 The closer I get to someone, the easier it is to see their flaws and imperfections. And the quicker I tend to let my feelings out on them. They said something rude. I have a sharp comeback. They ignore me. I can do that too! They hurt me. I shut them off and close my heart to them. Why shouldn't I? They've hurt me, they deserve it!
 But that's not the way it should work. It's not about what I get from the relationship, but what I give. It's not about the ways I get hurt, but the ways I give and receive love. And it's not about feelings, it's about a choice.

"Relationships aren't about liking someone when it's fun and easy.
They're about loving them when it's hard and it hurts."

It really doesn't matter if I 'like' the person at the moment; or even if I feel like loving them. If I can choose to love them through everything, that's what is important. If love is a choice, my relationship can go through anything, and come out the other side stronger. But if my relationship is based on whether I feel like loving someone, it isn't very stable. The first storm or bit of pain that comes along breaks the relationship. Because, lets be honest, there are times in every relationship where "I really don't like you!!!" is the truth๐Ÿ˜Š When I choose love, feelings aren't so important anymore.

A friend of mine once said this of marriage, but I think it applies to other relationships as well,:

 "Marriage is not based on someone being the
absolute "best". It is not even about them being 
the "best one for you". In fact, to base commitment 
on the deepest feelings  of "love" would be to invite 
an issue. As ultimately, a lasting commitment comes 
down to [a choice].                                                        
 This means that the only way for the discontinuation 
thereof, is to no longer choose that individual. And in 
more clear terms, to make a choice to reject them.    
                                     Simultaneously, your [choice]."         
                                                                                            - J.H.

 When we choose to love someone, we put aside feelings. Yes, feelings do follow, but they are not what should make a relationship.

 There's a question that has often bothered me. Why is it so easy for me to see the flaws and react to them the quickest in the people I love the most? Why do I avoid and shut down the quickest to the people who are the most important to me? And about the simplest, most innocent things....
 I've realized that often, the origin of the problem has nothing to do with them. Because they are close to me, it's easy for them to step on things in me, such as insecurities and fears. And often my reaction to them is really only a reaction to what's going on inside. When I don't recognize that, it's easy to take it out on other people. But realizing that makes it easier to look at the big picture when something comes up.

 Relationships are so precious, and something to guard and protect. They are important, in the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. God created us for relationship. That's why he gave us parents. And siblings. And friends. And He Himself longs for a personal relationship with us. That's why, when those things are missing, there is a void.

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor:
If either falls down, one can help the other up... Ecclesiastes 4:9-10a

Monday, January 2, 2017

It's been too long...

Yeah, 'It's been too long' sums it up. Life got busy, and blogging was one of the first things I let go of. But during my down time, I realized something. I was doing it for the wrong reasons. I was blogging for others. And to make myself look/sound good. I realized I was trying to find worth in what I did, not only in my blog, but in life in general. And I decided it wasn't worth it. So I stopped.

But I realized something else. Writing is something I love, and blogging is kinda like a digital journal. I want my blog to be a keepsake of memories, mountains, valleys, and milestones. Somewhere I can come to look back on the simple pleasures and profound truths of life.

So I decided to start blogging again. For me. And for God. And if it can be a blessing to someone else, awesome! I would love that:)

I'm not saying that I will get on a consistent blogging schedule, or that I'll have exciting, profound things to say. I want to find the profound in the simple. And the beauty in the everyday. And journal it here.

So, Happy New Years! :) I'll be back before too long...

Monday, March 21, 2016

Abortion Oratory Contest

Hey yall:) some of you have asked me to post the abortion essay on here, so here it is:)

For those of you who aren't sure what im talking about... Two years ago i entered an essay about abortion into the local Right to Life contest... I didn't realize until it was done that it was only for juniors and seniors, so i entered it anyway. They told me that it would have won, but because i was too young, they had to disqualify me. They said that if i wanted them too, they would save it till i was old enough. I said sure:)

So this year i was old enough, but i forgot about it till it was too late. Or so i thought. They ended up calling me and asking if they could resubmit it for me:) I got a second call two or three days later saying i won:) So i got a check of 200 dollars, and the end of April i am going to Columbus to give it as an oratory. I'll be competing against about 8 other people... so yeah, im excited and a little nervous:) if i win state level, i'll go to nationals in D.C. that sounds a little bit out there, but i know its possible if its what God wants:) You can pray for me as i work on it... i have to have it all memorized.


Thursday, February 4, 2016


 Hey y'all:) Yeah, I know its been forever since I posted:( but I've been busy:) One of these times i'll catch up and get back on a blogging schedule, but for now, this post is dedicated to my trip to Mexico:)

 So Josh, Dwayne, Jenette, and I were in Mexico January 15-31 for a mission trip of sorts:) We went for  the purpose of visiting two missionary families, Johnny and Marta Pinkham and Dennis and Machelle Bender, and to serve them in any way possible, including spending a lot of time praying for them and their mission... I'll post pictures, and talk about em as I go:)

 We left our place about 4 o'clock Saturday morning, and headed for the Cleveland airport. From Cleveland we flew to Detroit, then to Monterrey, and then to Chihuahua...

        Our longest layover was in Monterrey, so that's when we got out out cameras:)

walking out to our last flight to Chihuahua

Chihuahua airport:) because of all the hiking we had to do, we took backpacks, and because of the loose straps we duct-taped them:)

Albert Overholt and his two oldest, Veronica (she stayed with us the whole week!:) and Morgan, picked us up in Chihuahua and introduced us to the city:) we stopped for some supper, walked around town, and then headed for our hotel.

                                         Lighted fountains in the city square

                                     a young boy trying to make some money

Sunday morning we left for Alberts House in Creel, about a three hour drive.


Albert's house

After we got there, we went up on the mountain behind their house and spent some time praying for Creel etc, the walked around the town and watched a soccer game:) back at the house we had soft pretzels and just hung out:)
                                                    the city of Creel

 Bullet holes from a shoot-out between two drug cartels... Mexico is practically run by drugs/druggies

Monday morning Albert drove us about 2 1/2 hrs to Samocheequie, where Andrew Yoder 
was gonna pick us up and take us the rest of the way back to the copper canyons. There's a small hospital in the town that he had brought some patients to. so we had a bunch of time to kill while waiting on news from the hospital. We visited the town store, loaded up the vehicle, did some laundry for Andrew, and explored the area...

                                                   hospital patients
                                      beans we back-backed in for the natives

their explanation for this pic was that they were getting their muscles 
ready for all the uphill climbing they wud hav to do:)

                                                       love this pic:):)


Finally we learned that the patient cudnt go home that night, so we headed off on 
another 2 1/2 (approx) hr drive to upper coyachiquie. 
                very rugged and VERY windy... it jus aint possible to capture on picture:)

we drove as far as possible, and then hiked another hour to our final destination... it was simple hiking... all downhill... probably the easiest hiking we did the whole trip:) only thing was that it was fairly steep with lots of loose gravel, and it was after dark:)

                         unloading the van and loading up the horse and mule for the hike...

back at Johnny's we hung-out, ate supper, and headed to bed pretty quickly:) Tuesday we did some odds and ends around the place... the boys built some bird cages, and us girls sorted meds in the clinic... we also sorted and cleaned some corn, and picked out fabrics so the natives cud sew us some tribal clothes:)

we did school devotions one morning.... did the skit of the Good Samaritan

                                         He was annoyed at the mule:)
         umm... horse manure.... had to hav a pic cuz i wud nvr hav dreamed i wud do it:)

        for a cpl meals we went to the natives house... the food was always super:)

Jenette trying her hand at patting tortillas... its not as easy as it looks!!!:)

                                               Love this pic... Johnny's wife

Wednesday we hiked about 8 hours to Ricomachi, where Johnny's summer house was.... 
it was a hard hike!:) mostly uphill and fairly rugged...

that lowest dip is where us girls hiked thru...

  the dip was too steep for the horses to cross, so the boys had to take an easier,
                              but longer route... we met up at lunch time.

                                     lunch time! everyone was glad for the rest

               never knew cold beans and hard-boiled eggs cud be soo delicious:)

Johnny and Georgie... he's the only one of the children that got to come along:)

walked that lower ridge, was def the easiest part of the journey

                        finally arrived! dumped our packs as soon as possible:)

We got there about half an hour before dark, n jus hung out and rested till supper, n then spent more time resting around the fire... the days were beautiful - bright and sunny and hot, but the nights got quite cold at times... Monday we sorted and shelled corn, and cleaned beans.

                                                   the shelling process!!!

                         cleanin beans... sorry for the sideways:( wasnt cooperating...

Friday we headed the 8 hrs back to coy... it was a lot easier cuz it was
 mainly down hill, but it was still a long day...


Saturday the others went to a town called wamiavo to pick oranges... it was a two hour hike, completely down hill on the way, and a 5 hour hike straight up on the way back... since im not the strongest physically, i stayed behind and helped with baking, laundry, getting ready for a birthday party, etc.. it was a stretching, but interesting day:)

Beautiful oranges!!!:)

                        they say it was rather difficult using that orange picker thingy:)

                                  they brought back about 330 oranges

                               gotta enjoy it while you have the chance:)

                              resting:) Johnny and his oldest, Moffat

Sunday was a relaxing day... Got to experience a native church service:) it felt long - hard seats and not being able to understand anything, but it was interesting:) then spent the rest of the day jus relaxing and hanging out... in the evening the four of us hiked up above the village and spent time praying for it and the natives... that was really awesome:)

oh, and we got our native clothes:)

                                             looking down on the village...

Monday we got up around 3:30 so we cud be hiking by 4:00... our first flight had to leave at 7:00 (the closer to sunrise we fly the smoother the ride) and it was about a 2 1/2  hr hike... it ended up taking almost 3 hr, but we got there in time:) the view up top was amazing!!!! almost cud imagine we were in Africa:) haha:) the plane cud only handle 2 passengers at a time, so Jenette and i went first.... while the guys waited on us they did some exploring:)

                                        that was pretty scary;) jk

  had to get a group pic up there:) was extra cool that our plane was in the background:)

the guys blowing some time:)

our plane!!! aint it jus a gorgeous pic?!!!

inside the plane...

Dennis Bender and his children picked us up at the airstrip... we jus waited there for the guys, it was about 2 hours... Back at their house we ate lunch and then played some games and relaxed... i was tired, so went and laid down for an hour or so... didnt end up waking up till like 10:00 :) so that was monday:)

where we stayed:)

                                                Dennis Machelle and Family

Tuesday we went to the nearest town, about 3 hrs away... but we never went over 20 mph, and the average speed was 10 mph:) the roads were really bad:) we picked up a few things and got some snacks... there was a bunch of ppl that followed us around and would pass us like every minute:) it was interesting:) when we got back to the house us girls and Machelle went and visited some natives... that was fun:) 
Wednesday the guys helped a neighbor hang drywall (on his ceiling of all things:) and us girls hiked an hour and a half to the next village to visit more natives. on the way back we stopped at a small creek for a snack:) did some laundry when we got back... every evening after supper we would jus hang out, chillax, and play games... was a lot of fun:)
Thursday was fun:) very relaxing and low-key... the guys did some work on the spring, and a native girl came over to teach us how they make tortillas... its a lot harder than it looks:) but it was a lot of fun trying, and we gave her a couple laughs:) late afternoon we walked about 10 min to another natives house to have a lady's Bible study...
Friday the guys went to help drywall mud the same place they had  hung drywall, and us girls did some work around the house... in Mexico they sweep their yards instead of mow it:) so we raked and swept, and i made some cakes. after lunch we went and visited a lady who hurt her back. she was bending down to get water, and a rock fell on her:/ so we got to sing for her and pray with her, and i think it encouraged her a lot:) that was cool... back at the house we hung out, took pics, ate supper, and played games. it was fun, but also a little sad, knowing we were leaving the next morning... around 11 o'clock that night after playing games, we decided we were hungry. so we mixed up some tortillas and fried them with cinnamon and sugar:) was really good:)

the store:)

Cinderella... shes the one who helped us make tortillas:)

                                                   Lady's Bible study

                               vehicles are always breakin down there:)

                                               late night snack:)

Had to get a group pic... i luv this one:)

Saturday morning the guys flew out first, so us girls slept in a little, ate breakfast, and hung out. we left for the airstrip around 10:15, and flew out around 11:00. because it was a lot later in the day, the ride was a lot rougher... i dont get sick from turbulence, but i did on that ride:) but other than feeling sick it was fun, the scenery was beautiful!... i dont know actually how rough it was, but our pilot said that the plane can handle 10 knots of wind, and during landing it was 15 knots. but landing felt really smooth compared to the rest of the ride. so i dont know what it actually was:) Alberts picked us up at the airstrip in Cuauhtemoc, and we made a few stops and got some lunch from a tiny little roadside restaurant. Then we headed for Chihuahua where our hotel was, and where we'd be flying out of the next morning. we got settled into the hotel, then went out and did some walking:)

                                             experiencing cultural food:)

we left the motel 6:45 sunday morning and headed for the airport. Other than some confusion because of being by ourselves and not understanding any spanish, everything went really well:) actually, the whole day went really well and everything flowed smoothly... it was rather uneventful:) dad picked us up at the airport and we got home around 12:00... Hung out for a little, ate some Stromboli, and headed for bed:)

and here's some random pics of the scenery and of people...


Monday morning we got up late, ate breakfast, and then showed our pictures... The others left around 2:30. It was sad:( I had to shed a few tears:) So glad i had the opportunity to go with them on an adventure like this! and sooo thankful for them:) Luv them lots:)

p.s. all pictures are unedited except for the one of the bush plane in the tall grass:)