Sunday, January 22, 2017

Inspire 2017

This weekend 10 ladies and girls from our church left around 4:45 Friday morning for Shipshewana, Indiana for the Inspire 2017 ladies conference. We only had a 5'ish hour dive, and the conference didn't start till 3, so we did some shopping at the Davis Mercantile and ate lunch, before heading to our hostess to get cleaned up...

We were soo excited that it worked out to meet up with Rosa and Keila! :) 

The Davis Mercantile is such a cool store!!! So many little shops with 
so many adorable things all inside the same building :)

Checkersssss!!! :) i love wooden checker boards!

Jus Cuz πŸ’—πŸ˜„

The conference was from 3 o'clock Friday afternoon till 3 Saturday afternoon... It was really amazing! I got a lot of amazing things from it, so much that im still in the middle of processing it all:) And it was beautifully decorated!!! I absolutely loved it. I definitely want to go back sometime...

There was about 700 ladies
**Fun fact: They had a coffee/tea table all weekend, and they used 90 
gallons of milk for the coffee, and 75 gallons of teaπŸ˜„**

Grace*ful led the worship and did some singing.... they were amazing!!

They had an adorable little photo booth :)

On the way home we stopped at a rest area. About an hour after we were back on the road, one of the ladies realized she couldn't find her phone... She had left it at the rest area, so around we turned :) We lost about 2 hours, but hey, we got the phone:) Finally got home a little after 12 Sunday morning... But it was a really good trip! A lot of fun... I wanna say something about things i learned, but i need to process, and i think it would do better in another post:)

**There is something miraculous about kindness**

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